Olympic sports we’d like to see…

With the Olympics on now we continue to be amazed by the freakish efforts of the athletes in breaking records and into nervous rashes when the doping tests swing by. Now I like to see the 100m sprint and the swimming (Go Aussie Go!) but these days there are no more big wins. No more are we seeing an athlete demolish their competition – that was done in the 80’s and 90’s. These days its all about shaving off the odd hundredth of a second from last year.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to do something new. We all assume that most of the athletes are more horse than human so let’s shake it up a little bit I say. Let’s create new sports! Sports where no one has the advantage, where everyone starts on the same level playing field.

Below I present to you my selection of Olympic sports I’d like to see mashed up:

#1: Underwater weight-lifting

#2:Long jump sumo

blending the east and the west
Sumo catch you good

Sumo catch you good

#3: Javelin and greco-roman wrestling

Watch your back

Watch your back

#4: Hurdle fencing

tuck and roll!

tuck and roll!

#5 Combative shot put pole vault


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